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If you don't love guns, cats, skateboarding, high fantasy, sci-fi, horror, drugs (specifically psychedelics), anarchistic politics (all flavors), watching cops get set on fire, or goat-headed demi-gods... you've come to the wrong place.

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Guardian Angel (2012) Directed by Til Schweiger

How have I not seen this?

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Notice something in common in these photos?

It’s not what you think

I gave it away in the third pic

That’s right! None of these cops are wearing badges or name tags! I wonder why… seems like it’d be important to wear those, since it’s even illegal not to in other states…

This is actually illegal in all states. A police officer must be marked as such with name and badge at all times unless their jurisdiction states otherwise (such as an undercover officer), and even when not wearing a badge, the officer must have the badge accessible at all times and must show the badge in order to make an arrest. Name tags are not required as long as a badge is available because the badge has the officer number on it.

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Fuck This, 2014 by Miles Donovan.

High resolution non-segmented version here.

If anybody needs me I’ll be in space.

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"Fast, loose-topped roads with swinging curves, tight corners, good and bad cambers and a blind crest every hundred yards. Add to that an average crest severity which guarantees a "flight" even at shopping speeds, an abundance of stout trees lining the roads and the presence of deep ditches or piles of huge boulders and you will understand that it takes a brave man to drive on the limits of adhesion in the Finnish forests." - Motor Sport Magazine describing the 1000 Lakes Rally.

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